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Our law office represents consumers and small businesses. We focus on bankruptcy solutions for our clients who are struggling with debt. We limit our representation to clients who are filing in the Federal Bankruptcy Courts in Seattle and Tacoma.    

During the past 30 years we have filed thousands of cases under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. We do not recommend bankruptcy in every case. We will recommend bankruptcy when it is the best or only solution to a financial crisis.


We have over 30 years of experience preparing wills and trust that are tailored to the needs of individuals and families.

Put your confidence in us to guide you to the resolution that is right for you

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The Law Office of David Carl Hill offers expert representation in the areas of foreclosure, wills and estate planning, and bankruptcy. Our practice has a centralized focus on helping our clients get out of debt using effective techniques and sound legal guidance. Whether you are facing foreclosure or seeking relief from overwhelming debt, we are committed to helping you find the right solutions. Our law office serves clients throughout Bremerton, WA, Orchard, WA, and the nearby areas who are in need of an estate planning lawyer, chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer or chapter 7 bankruptcy law attorney.


Expert Bankruptcy Help


When you need experienced help from a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, you can turn to our law firm. We are seasoned with all aspects of chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy law, and we can answer any questions you have while providing the guidance you need. We understand the challenges of filing for bankruptcy, which is why our bankruptcy law firm is here to provide the right assistance every step of the way. We represent bankruptcy cases of all types, and we can provide proficient representation as your chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney or chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer.


Reliable Foreclosure Assistance


Foreclosure can be a confusing process that can quickly become overwhelming. In addition, the law leaves only a short amount of time to act to prevent the foreclosure process from escalating. When you need experienced help from a trusted foreclosure attorney, you can rely on David Carl Hill. He is the foreclosure lawyer you can depend on in your fight to keep your home and protect your family.


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Contact our law firm for trusted representation from a living trust wills attorney, for experienced estate planning services, and assistance with drafting living wills. To consult with an estate planning attorney, bankruptcy, or foreclosure attorney, give us a call at (360) 876-515 today.

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